About Us

Akata Farms is a self-sustainable integrated farm geared at diversifying the agriculture industry by using State of the Art technology, AI, Nanotechnology in its operations. With Sustainable development goals at the forefront of its objectives, the farms operate to meet the demand for fresh quality produce and opportunities to its customers.

Akaka Farms aims to become an integrated diversified farm will produces short crops, long term export crops, operate an innovative poultry production that boosts state of the art bio secured climate smart buildings, hatchery, feed manufacturing, broiler; duck and turkey operations with a full automated AI infused processing plant. Its animal husbandry operation will feature its own multifaceted processing plant as cows, goat, sheep, pigs and rabbits are reared with an all natural organic feed manufactured by the farm. Akaka Farms will also incorporate hydroponic, aquaponic and renewable energy projects to achieve the farms sustainable goals.

Akata Farms also provide the following services:

Agri-business consulting.

Business plan development.


We share a sincere friendship with our clients.


You have to look beyond what you see.


We always share our news with complete transparency.


We show the excellent quality of our products on video.