1) Akata Farms Self-Sustainable, Climate Smart and Precision Project.
How can Grenada benefit from a self-sustainable farm. Imagine everything we see around us from the seasonal fruits we love to our beautiful land all put to use to create sustainable jobs, founding enterprises, new industries and opportunities for development and most importantly economic growth for all.
Akata Farms is embarking on such a project that will stretch over 1200 acres of land, span 10 rural communities and reshape the agriculture industry in our beloved Tri-Island State.
The project will not only create jobs and a skilled labor force of 3000, but these jobs will be sustained within the manufacturing, real estate, tourism, the banking and yes agriculture sectors.
To learn more about Akata Farms sustainable plans kindly contact us.

2) Smart Agriculture For The Future.

Freight Farms, Greenhouses and Hydroponics are the future of our tri island state. Not only is this going to keep our land and environment safe but most importantly engage the youths of our country to combine technology and science with agriculture. We can’t speak sustainable or climate smart agriculture without first protecting our land. These innovative alternatives can reshape the mindset of farming. No longer should agriculture be time consuming and back breaking work, but fun, smart and engaging. How can our youths, especially those in schools see the opportunities of agriculture if they are not exposed to it? If these farms can be installed across the Island in our schools or just one dedicated to providing healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables to our students, that is managed and operated by our students, the results and impact will be significant. Creative ideas will emerge and new innovation will surface.

Let us toss in Nanotechnology. Not only can this change the way of how our famers plant and produce the foods that we love. But create far healthier, safer and cheaper alternatives to animal feed, fertilizers, seeds germination and storage. There are many opportunities that need to be capitalized upon.

3) Two Local Brands that tells a story. Akata farms will be launching two foods brands. “Fresh Foods and Country Delight”. Two home grown, locally produced and healthy brands. Fruit and vegetables grown on our beautiful land, free off harmful chemicals and dedicated in providing safe, healthy and affordable foods for our people. With the partnership of many other farms across the country such a brands can, capitalize on market opportunities and export. But most importantly it’s Grenadian.
Country Delight is the meat brand backed by guaranteed, 100% local and Fresh.

4) Women FEEDING THEIR COMMUNTIES. 7 farms across the tri-island state all operated and managed by women. These farms will operate climate smart, precision and sustainable operations, from poultry and animal rearing, short crop production, to the manufacturing of local fruits for juices, and candies. This will create more than 70 jobs and strengthen a skilled developing labor force. The women targeted for this community building projects are from one of these groups.
1) 30-60 year olds
2) Head of single parent households
3) Have no secondary or tertiary education

In order to fund this project Akata Farms launched a crowd funding campaign on IFundWomen. Crowdfunding is an effective method that many entrepreneurs use to raise capital from their network. After this campaign, the farms will be exponentially more prepared to raise follow-on capital on its own. But this project won’t be able to do this without you. You can also make a contribution without buying anything. Any amount helps, and we so appreciate your support! Thank you so much!