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St. George’s, Grenada

Agricultural and Farming Services.

Akata Farms is dedicated to providing the support and resources much needed by farmers in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Agricultural and farming services provide information, consulting, equipment, and supplies to the agricultural industry. Akata Farms work closely with the Ministry of Agriculture Extensions Officers to ensure farmer get the support ad resources available including Farmer ID cards/

Business Development:

Design of business plans and writing of proposals.

Elevator pitches

Identifying business modules

Develop and build


Equipment Services

Equipment sourcing and sales:

Provides farmers access to essential machinery.

Equipment rental:

Leases equipment for predetermined jobs or intervals.

Market Services


An organization develops advertising and publicity strategies for AG products.


Products are processed to prevent contamination, easy transportability, and identify ingredients and notations.

Pick up and distributing:

We deliver farmers produce to their customers.

Regulatory  Services

Product Development:

We work assist farms in ensure their products meet the required standards.

Market research and analysis:

Provides neutral market insight that helps Agriculture businesses identify trends and opportunities.

Market and facility design:

At Akata Farms we provides technical assistance, design, and support for the construction of new agriculture facilities, such as wholesale markets, famers markets, public markets, and food hubs.

Farming Services

Soil fertility and composting services:

Assists farmers to address soil fertility issues to increase crop quality and yield.

Land management services:

We help farmers make the most out of their agriculture land usage by improving tilling, draining, excavating, clearing, rotating, fertilizing, irrigation, and harvesting techniques.


We erect fences or barriers to establish perimeters and retain animals.


We work closely with farms to produce healthy and safe crops by using organic Bam-Fx supplement.

Security and Surveillance:

We assist farmers in protecting their farms from theft.

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